Two Pakistani UN soldiers jailed for raping Haitian boy

The soldiers were found guilty by a Pakistani military tribunal in Haiti and will serve their terms back home. The attack in Gonaives in January was not the first time UN peacekeepers have been accused of assault. Last year, five Uruguayan soldiers were accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy at a UN base. In that case a video which purported to show the attack was posted on the internet, leading to protests in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, and calls for the UN to leave the country. There have also been demands that UN soldiers should be stripped of their immunity and be tried by Haitian courts. Monday's ruling was the first time that UN personnel have been tried and sentenced while still in the country. Haitian Justice Minister Michel Brunache said the verdict was a small step in the right direction but that "we expected more from the UN and the Pakistani government". The UN peacekeeping mission has been deployed in Haiti since 2004. Its reputation was part…

Students of POK organise Massive rally & demand FREEDOM from PAKISTAN

A massive rally has been organised by the Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation in Jandali area of PoK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) to demand freedom from Pakistan. 

Local leader Liyaqat Khan said, "Pakistan sends terrorists here to ruin this peaceful place". In a video shared by ANI, the protestors are seen raising pro-freedom slogans and raising banners to demand freedom from Pakistan.

This is not the first time that demands of freedom from Pakistan have been raised from the troubled region. In the past as well, anti-Pakistan protests have taken place across Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). The Pakistani forces have been accused of committing human rights violations and inflicting atrocities on the people of PoK. 

On April 24, 2017, hundreds of locals in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir's Kotli area took to the streets to protest against the forcible land-grabbing by Pakistan Army. The protesters raised anti-Pakistan army and anti-Pakistan government slogans.

On February 5, 2…

Indian agencies preventing me from delivering speeches on Islam says Terrorist Preacher,ISIS Supporter Zakir Naik to Interpol

Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik whose passport was revoked earlier in July, has contested NIA's (National Investigation Agency) request to Interpol for a red-corner notice. Naik has alleged that the case against him is linked to "religious persecution of minorities in India". In his plea to Interpol, Naik has submitted that he had been delivering speeches on Islam for the past 25 years across several countries, where he was respected and welcomed. He has alleged that Indian agencies, by banning his NGO Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) and preventing him from delivering speeches on Islam, were violating his freedom of expression. Ads by ZINC Naik also cited the "poor condition of Indian prisons" and "human rights violations" there to back his plea. Naik's plea comes after the National Investigative Agency (NIA) wrote to Interpol and Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI) in May for issuing a red corner notice against him. Naik is being p…

Babri mosque cannot be relocated nor its land be used for something else says Shia cleric Kalbe Jawad

Senior Shia cleric and general secretary of Majlis-E-Ulema-E-Hind, Maulana Kalbe Jawad on Friday said that only a mosque can be constructed on land earmarked for a mosque, while referring to the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi dispute.

He also said that those crying out loud about shifting of the Babri Masjid to another spot making way for the Ram Mandir to be built in place, should instead give up their personal property for the purpose.

Lashing out strongly the Maulana said, "Those suggesting giving up of the Babri Masjid land for the temple have only the right to donate their own land and not stake claim on a land earmarked for a mosque. What is not your own, does not give you the right to make decisions for it. These people favouring the shift should instead give up their house and property for it."

The cleric said he was speaking on behalf the national level body of clerics, Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Hind and of the Shia community, who will both honour and accept the decision of the S…

EXPOSING LOVEJIHADIS : This ‘Love Jihadi’ who raped 40 Hindu girls thinks it’s sin to molest Muslim women

A Muslim youth, who sexually assaulted 40 Hindu women after fleecing them of money, was finally arrested by the Kerala Police on Friday. 30-year-old Muhammad Shafi, a high school dropout, used to pose himself as an NRI medical practitioner by the name, Dr Satish Raghavan. He used match-making websites to target women. What shocked the investigators is his choice of victims. When asked why he chose only Hindu girls, he said he can’t ditch girls in his community. “A devout Muslim, he thinks it is a sin to molest a Muslim girl,” says an investigator. After striking rapport with his victims and their kin, he would invite them to a five-star hotel in Bengaluru, where he takes their nude photos and sexually assault them. After this, he would physically assault and burn them with cigarette butts. While assaulting the victim, he would shout at them saying, “you are no more a virgin. I have deflowered you.”   Investigators said he never felt any remorse, as the victims were Hindus. Meanwhile,…

India to deport all Rohingya Muslims regardless of UN registration Says Kiren Rijiju

Junior Interior Minister ‘Kiren Rijiju’ told the Parliament last week that they have directed state authorities to identify and deport Illegal Immigrants including Rohingayas. There are over 40,000 Rohingayas who are living Illegaly in India. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has issued identity cards to about 16,500 Rohingya in India that it says help them “prevent harbitrary arrests, detention and deportation”. But Kiren Rijiju said in an interview on the weekend that the UNHCR registration was irrelevant.
“They are doing it, we can’t stop them from registering. But we are not signatory to the accord on refugees,” he said. “As far as we are concerned they are all illegal immigrants They have no basis to live here. Anybody who is illegal migrant will be deported.” On the other hand UNHCR India office said on Monday, that sending back Refugees to a place where they face danger was considered part of customary international law and binding on all states whether…

Kill us here, but don’t send us back appeal Rohingya Refugees to Govt of INDIA

Hyderabad has the second-largest concentration of Rohingyas after Jammu, where the number is estimated at 7,000.

“We thank India for allowing us to stay. If the government wants to deport us, it can do it but it will be better if they kill us here instead of sending us back,” says Abdul Raheem, a refugee, in a voice choked with emotion.

Anxiety is writ large on the faces of over 3,800 Rohingya Muslims living in Hyderabad amid reports that the Indian government is planning to deport them. They say they prefer to die here rather than return to Myanmar, where they face persecution.

Having lived here for over five years now, the refugees say they would not like to return to their native country to be slaughtered. They have appealed to the Indian government to drop, on humanitarian grounds, the plans to deport them.

Raheem, (32), who has been living in Hyderabad with his wife and three children since 2012, said they could think of returning to their country only after they were assured of pro…